High Apple Pie in the Sky

September has been the month of the museums around here.  Last week, we were lucky enough to attend the 5th Annual Pie Contest at LACMA.  After stuffing our faces with AMAZING pies, we visited the museum itself. If you have ever visited the Los Angeles County Museum of Art then you are keenly aware of how massive the complex is. Needless to say, there was simply too much to see in one day. I did manage to get a bunch of really beautiful shots, though, and there will be a follow up post on the museum alone.

Now on to the PIE!


The Line was remarkably long. We got there about 30 minutes early and still had to wait an hour before we could enter. I find it interesting that in a city as “health” (aka “looks”) people are willing to wait an exorbitant amount of time for pie (myself included, of course).


This Guy was really unhappy with the length of the line.


Luckily, there were cool people to meet, like Sam! Sam happened to be wearing the coolest glasses I have ever seen on another person’s face.


There were also neat-o, prehistoric sloths roaming the park. They were a pair, I called them Hercules and Edna. I like to think they approved.


Arnold Palmer Pie, you guys. ARNOLD. PALMER. PIE. It was like Happiness in pie form.





This is a slice of Turkey Pot Pie, and it was glorious.


Kristen and Brandon. Kristen baked a Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie. Just let that sink in.


Oh, yes she did! It looked like this, and the best part was the chocolate (just kidding, the best part was the bourbon…it’s always the bourbon).

Anyways, hope you enjoyed the food-porn! I’ll post again soon with photos from LACMA. And if you like pictures on your computer of pictures on walls, you’ve got a treat in store!


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