Pictures of Pictures of Pictures.

As promised, I’m following up on our day at LACMA. I have to admit, one of the many things that surprised me about living in Los Angeles is the never ending supply of art. My eyes are in a constant state of bliss. A Miami native, I am guilty of judging other cities too quickly. When I moved here, I expected the same situation I was in back home; Art was in short supply unless Art Basel was going on, or you were spending time in the beautiful but very pricey (and off-puttingly trendy) Wynwood district. After switching coasts, I find myself a bit ashamed of how few cultural power-houses I had to boast of back home.

So, as you can imagine, the LACMA was a sight for sore-eyes. Comprised of multiple buildings, organized by genre/type, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art is reminiscent of a University. The complex is vast, but far from empty. The following pictures offer only a taste of what there is see.








IMG_4089You, guys… That’s a big ass comb.

IMG_4090I had never seen an original Andy Warhol in person, so that was pretty neat.


IMG_4096This man is never impressed.


After wandering the sprawling modern art displays we walked out on to the terrace where we found a pretty cool, spaghetti-like jungle gym. Inside, we met a man who asked us if we had LSD. I thought that was strange but also kind of perfect.






Next up… MOAR ARTS!!





This guy is my favorite thing in the entire world.


Inside the Children’s room we were encouraged to add to the layers of visitor-made art on the walls. I was seated between 2 grown men and 2 5 year old girls… no one thought I was very cool. But I didn’t care! I made a picture of a pie!



If you don’t think that’s the hottest dog you’ve ever seen, then please e-mail and let me know where I can find more attractive meat-products. Physical beauty is something really important to me when shopping for processed meats.


This piece is called “self portrait of the artist at age 25” by Michael Reinaldo Costa.



It was a good day.


5 responses to “Pictures of Pictures of Pictures.

  1. I relocated to LA from the East Coast and love it. The cultural diversity is incredible. Who can resist the Farmers Market? Great pics by the way.

    • Thank you! I have been really amazed by how diverse Los Angeles is, considering I moved from another huge city. It’s been a really wonderful surprise (so has the awesome weather).

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