Don’t Be Like Me

This is a crappy photo of Mike and I dressed up as Gomez and Morticia Addams for Halloween. It is crappy quality because I took it with my phone. It is the only picture in this post because I am what people like to call a “fucking idiot”.

photo (5)


As someone who is relatively new to photography, I have made quite a few newbie blunders. Let me outline them for you here so that you don’t follow in my footsteps.

1) I failed to format my Compactflash cards: I didn’t even know that was a thing and now they’re all corrupted or something. It’s the worst.

2) I failed to immediately upload my pictures onto my computer, thinking (or not thinking) that they would be safe on my now-corrupted storage cards.

3) I deleted pictures directly off my camera instead of waiting, like a normal, patient person, to delete them after they had been uploaded (which, again, I did not even do). This causes something call “backfill”, which basically means that your camera is trying to replace old pictures with new pictures and that fucks everything.

4) I did not do the right research before hand and now I’m all butt-hurt about it. For god’s sake people, read this. It will save you later.


I hope everyone had a happy halloween, I’m going to go cry in the street and then rewatch Old Greg.


4 responses to “Don’t Be Like Me

  1. If I’m reading this correctly… You have no pictures from Vegas???This sucks! We hoped you had pictures of all of us…. Now Olga and I have no pictures of us during Halloween:-/ maybe we’ll just have to do it all over again:-)

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