About Me

Originally from Miami, I had lived there my entire life. After graduating college in 2012,I found myself working a job I hated, living with my parents, and just plain stagnating. I was going nowhere and doing nothing.  So, I decided to do something kind of scary. I talked to my long-time boyfriend, Michael, and we decided to move across the country.  It was frightening, and time-consuming, exhausting and I still have no idea if it was worth it.  

We moved to Los Angeles. It was strange.

A year later we moved to Washington, DC and I began gad school. I’m exploring, designing, and wallowing.

Disclaimer: ALL the photos in my posts are taken by me, unless otherwise noted. If, for any reason, you would like to use/print/order one, just let me know! I’m pretty nice, I won’t be a dick about it. The End.


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